Using BARE NATURALS skincare

Using BARE NATURALS skincare

If you’ve never used 100% natural face-care products, or products that incorporate the use of pure essential oils, then it’s possible that you will experience a dramatic or marked reaction when you do start, because they are potent ingredients and deliver results very quickly.

However, we have formulated the Bare Naturals products to safe and effective standards, but sometimes it does occur that a sudden and total switch from a “standard” to a “natural” regime will produce a temporary “break-out”. If there are toxins or bacteria just below the surface of the skin, the BN products will draw these out to cleanse the pores, and then heal the “break-out” to make way for clearer skin going forward.

We encourage you to persevere with the products because eventually, and in the long run, we are confident that your skin will adjust to the natural regime and then go on to look and feel awesome!

We recommend that you convert gradually into this regime i.e.:-

  • Start with the cleanser once a day for days 1, 2, 3, 4, and then increase to twice a day.
  • Start with the toner twice a day.
  • On days 3, 6, 8, try the serum at night only and use SPARINGLY.
  • Then you can gradually build up your regime to the typical norm that most people find works best of twice per day cleanse and tone, plus the serum every other day at night only.



Our cleansers are totally oil-based so they won’t lather as much as soap does, however the most effective way to use them is to start with wet face and wet hands, put a small squirt (about the size of the SA 10c coin) of cleanser in the palm of your hand, rub hands together to get a bit of a lather going, then lather all over face and neck. The added use of a small face sponge/brush around the nose area is helpful/optional. It is important that you rinse off very thoroughly.

USEFUL TIP – this mild cleanser can also be used as a luxurious shaving soap!


This step will gently balance the skin’s pH, and it’s your choice of whether you prefer to use a cotton pad to “wipe” or merely to spritz the face and pat dry with hands. You’ll notice that the toner does not make your face pull taut and dry, and this is great because it serves as a very mild moisturiser as well as a toner – saving you an extra “step” on some days. You could just apply your normal make-up after the cleanse + tone steps.

USEFUL TIP – this gentle moisturising toner works wonders when sprayed on to sun-burned skin, children and adults alike! It also soothes mild eczema patches in the same way!


Many people find it works best to use the serum every other day, some use it once a day, and still others use it twice a day. The key is to remember that the effectiveness of the product is very fast, so it should be used sparingly and then continually adjust the dosage/usage to your own skin’s needs. If you feel that your skin can occasionally go 3 or 4 days without using the serum, that’s ok. When you do use the serum, a little goes a long way, so it is best to apply with slightly damp and warm hands:- put 1 or 2 drops of the serum in your damp and warm palm, rub both hands together, “pat” your hands over your face and neck to “distribute” a bit of the oil to all areas, then gently massage it all in using both hands.

USEFUL TIP – if you have squirted out excess serum mop it up with a clean cotton pad to use when you next need to remove stubborn eye make-up, or spread it over dry elbows and ankles!


At Bare Naturals we don’t have a cream moisturiser in our range because natural creams require very specific preservatives to prevent them from going mouldy, and we have yet to find a formulation that fits our “natural” mandate and still works! So we have formulated our cleansers and toners to each provide a level of moisturising properties, and our serums to be multi-useful, in that they can be used – as needed – for daily moisturising, as well as specifically for a periodic “boost”.

The wonderful thing about essential oils is that most of them have such overlapping properties – for example the same oil (say lavender) can detect bacteria, fight it, clear it out, heal any damaged tissue, and stimulate health! It’s not magic; it’s nature at its awesome best!

We want you to be able to Love Your Skin with Bare Naturals! So please feel free to contact us directly for any further information you may need.

Image Credit: Megan Pilditch