BARE – without addition; basic and simple

NATURAL – existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind

BARE NATURALS is an artisan line of small-batch, handmade natural + organic skincare products created by a Mom and Daughter duo out of Durban.  We hope to inspire small changes in the lives of our customers through ecological awareness of completely pure and natural skincare products. We believe in truth and transparency, and think everyone has the right to know and trust everything they are putting into their bodies through the skin. The skin is, after all, the largest organ of the body!

All of our formulations have been designed, tested and handmade by us using only the finest plant-based, natural, organic, wild harvested, sustainable and local (wherever possible) ingredients, and never use anything containing harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. We are conscious of our effect on the environment every step of the way, and use minimal waste packaging. All products are packaged in reusable and recyclable glass bottles and jars – to preserve the integrity of the essential oils we use; biodegradable boxes and paper bags. Each of these items can be further recycled or reused to be given new life.

We value and encourage your reviews and feedback. This ensures that the products we distribute continue to meet a high standard of excellence, and assists us in providing only the best for our customers.

This is not just a job for us – we love what we do and we do it with love, pride and commitment. We hope that you will give our products a try and find out how simple and effective it is to have a toxin-free skincare lifestyle, and experience pure and natural products that actually work! Bare Naturals is all good, all pure, and all you need!


DEBBIE CARTER / MAKER   debbie@barenaturals.co.za

At the age of 45 Debbie decided to leave her office job behind and return to college to pursue a career in Aromatherapy and Reflexology. With over a decade of experience under her belt, she is without a doubt the brains behind our brand, responsible for anything and everything product related. From sourcing and buying ingredients to creating formulations, testing, re-testing and making all of our products. She continues to inspire me with her knowledge and passion for the amazing health benefits and magic of therapeutic essential oils, and I feel blessed to be able to work alongside her every day. – written by the Daughter

SARAH LAZARUS / VISIONARY  sarah@barenaturals.co.za

Sarah is our brand visionary and brains, financial and management expert, xl spreadsheet wizard-of-note, R+D genius, social media and marketing bomb, product concept/design whiz, rigorous quality-control taskmaster, admin ace and solution seeker. Sarah is an all-round one-of-a-kind adept-at-everything asset to our Company, and she is a pleasure to be with as she is also inspiring, loving, happy and generous! – written by the Mom


CAREY-LEE GALE / LABEL + WEB DESIGN careygale@gmail.com